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AdditivityChecker (2018): Check Performance Events (PMCs) for Additivity

Copyright (c) 2018: Arsalan Shahid & Muhammad Fahad 
Send bugs/comments @ (

Information on Additivity of Performance Events can be found in   
the following publication:

  [1]   Shahid, A., Fahad, M., Reddy, R., & Lastovetsky, A. (2017).
        Additivity: A Selection Criterion for Performance Events for
        Reliable Energy Predictive Modeling. Supercomputing Frontiers
        and Innovations, 4(4), 50-65.

AdditivityChecker Version 1.0 

AdditivityChecker is LICENCED under citation-ware policy given in LICENCE.

This software is completely designed to run on linux.  

It can be run via simple command line invocation given below:

shell$ ./AdditivityChecker <Base Application 1 STATS> <Base Application 2 STATS> <Compound Application STATS> <Tolerance: 0.05> <Verbosity 0|1>

AdditivityChecker takes STAT files generated by SLOPE-PMC-LIKWID (Beta) as inputs 
along with user specified tolerance to apply Additivity test. As an output it 
gives list of Additive and Non-additive PMCs within given tolerance. 

SLOPE-PMC-LIKWID (Beta) can be downloaded from:

Example results are given in 'examples' directory for given STAT files.